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“Jumanji” Is there is a new movie? Tap here to know the details and everything need to know

By Dhenakar VP

Here another update on the more interesting topic.

A game will continue! The most awaited sequel is back!. There is no doubt that everyone surely loves the sequel. The sequel deserves a huge fan base because of talented work and movie creation.

The Jumanji based on the Jumanji franchise moreover, it highly praised by the audience. Also, there is a lot of expectations for the next sequel.

Now the patience came to end! Some announcements from Dwayne Johnson that “The next part in the franchise revealed that the villainous Jurgen the brutal an avatar in the game and who going to play as the role explored.

Moreover, some other information gets revealed from the creative team. Let’s see the updates!.


Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Xander

Jack Black as Professor Sheldon

Kevin Hart as Franklin

Karen Gillan as Ruby Roundhouse

Rory McCann as Jurgen

Awkwafina as Jefferson.

The above-mentioned characters are reprising their role. Besides, Jake Kasdan’s director of the sequel opens up that most of the cast from previous installment coming back in the upcoming movie.

Apart from that, there is no release date out yet. Now the film is in the development stage. So we have some time for the updates from the production team. Soon the movie arrives.

Jumanji: The next level received a fabulous response from the audience. Acquires a good rating from various review platforms.

The movie received 6.7/10 from IMDb 71% like on Rotten Tomatoes. The film grossed $2 billion worldwide.

We hope the next installment received a  good response and positive reviews from the fans. So lose your expectations, the next installment surely satisfies and fulfills your expectations.

Tuned for more news information and updates.

Dhenakar VP