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Judge celebrities of ‘La Voz a’ – Belinda and Christian Nodal might have ended their short-term relationship!!

Our Judges celebrities of La Voz a -Belinda and Christian Nodal, might have ended their short-term relationship!

Maybe our celebrities Belinda and Christian Nodal are no longer together. God knows what happened between them because both have unfollowed each other and even deleted photos and videos together. They were the supreme coaches of The Voice. You must know that they have ended their courtship.

Why does it make me think LIKE they have broken up?

You must know that this famous couple of coaches from “La Voz” are no longer following each other on social networks. In the context of Nodal, he has removed all the photos he had with singer Belinda. As he has dared to do such an act, maybe he is confessing his waste of love with Belinda to his social media fans.

Judge celebrities of La Voz a - Belinda and Christian Nodal, might have ended their short-term relationship!

Given the fact that both the celebrities have stopped following each other, even Belinda has deleted those photos in which she dated Nodal so much in love. Our Celebrity fanbase is really confused because their love was everlasting and they had even thought of marriage. And when asked about J Balvin, then yes, he got infected, and he is gradually recovering from the virus.

Our celebrities might have been angry with each other, that’s why they did so, but the internet users are really confused at this moment. As of some internet users, they say might be they broke up and some are commenting, might be this is a kind of advertising for gaining popularity. Those of you know about Miley Cyrus, it was with Liam Hemsworth, she first had sex with.

Utter confusion…Belinda said right at the beginning of the week..she loves Nodal

And talking about Belinda, right at the beginning of this week, she confessed how Christian Nodal proposed her to be his girlfriend. For she screamed her love out for Nodal, we were really expecting him to be a man worthy of her choice. The song Venga La Alegria was composed of Belinda by Nodal. The singer got tears in her eyes after listening to the song, she was interviewed in the context of it. Our Belinda replied that the most important thing in life is a beautiful love and today she has it with her. Even Nodal screamed out that he would carry out her forever. But this morning, we really saw something different followed by the act of unfollowing as well as deletion of photos. God knows what has gone wrong with the couple.

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