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Joe Biden Picks California Senator Kamala Harris As His VP Candidate! Tap To Know More

Just days ahead of the democratic party convention, Joe Biden has picked 55-year-old California Senator Kamala Harris as a VP candidate. This is the first time in the nation’s history that a woman of color is a part of the presidential race. Apart from being a woman of color, Kamala Harris has established herself as a prominent figure in American politics. Her legislative experience and administrative power make the perfect fit as Biden’s running mate for a potential VP.

Her oratory and debating skills have always kept her under the limelight. She continues to enjoy immense support from people all over the USA. However, US President Donald Trump has expressed his surprise after Biden picked Harris to be his running mate. In a press conference, Trump said that he was astonished after knowing that Harris was a potential VP candidate.

Joe Biden Picks California Senator Kamala Harris As His VP Candidate!

As a senator, Harris has raised many issues relating to climate change and migrants. She is known to face in politics as well as a friendly face to the general public. Joe Biden referred to Kamala Harris as a ‘fearless fighter.’ However, President Donald Trump lashed out at Kamala Harris calling her a liar and a person who wants the worst for America

During a press conference, Trump said that Harris wants to slash funds for the military and is entirely against petroleum products and is against fracking. Trump further added that Harris is in favor of socialized medicines and wants to take jobs away from health sector officials. Although, Donald Trump said that Kamala was his number 1 draft pick. However, she had to be dropped after a poor performance in the primaries.