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A Day on Earth can be Measured in Two Ways as Revealed by a New Research!! Deets Inside!!

Researchers stated that a day on Earth can be measured in two ways. All the details regarding the research are below.

A Day on Earth can be Measured in Two Ways as Revealed by a New Research!! Deets Inside!!

Two ways for measuring a day 

It turns out that Earth takes precisely 23 hours and 56 minutes to complete a 360-degree rotation and not 24 hours. The planet has a different point for facing the Sun at the end of that 360-degree spin directly because Earth is moving around the Sun along its orbit constantly. Earth has to rotate further one degree for the Sun to reach the exact same position in the sky.

Humans have chosen to measure days using the position of the Sun in the sky and not by the exact rotation of Earth. There are two different types of days technically-sidereal day and solar day. A sidereal day is a day measured by a 360-degree rotation completion. A solar day is a day based on the sun position.  A solar day is four minutes longer than the sidereal day.

James O’Donoghue is the Japanese space agency (JAXA)’s a planetary scientist. He said to Business Insider that the solar day takes 24 hours because the earth moves around the sun in an orbit. Both days would be the same if the earth did not orbit around the Sun.

More about the research revelation

James O’Donoghue also made a video animation showing how the revelation works. A year is counted as 365 days because the calendar goes by the solar day and people go by the calendar. However, a full rotation, that is a sidereal day) is completed by the earth 366 times per year actually.

James further said that the sun would be rising four minutes earlier if humans choose to use sidereal day. Hence, the sun would be rising twelve hours earlier after six months of doing this.