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His Dark Materials Season 2 is releasing soon!! Read more to know the plot, release date of the show here!!

By Deeptha Sakkarapani

A fantasy drama that has been made in high expectations is His Dark Materials. The show is renewed for a second season and here is what you need to know about the plot of the show and release date of the second season!

His Dark Materials is based on the novel of Philip Pullman of the same name and it is about an alternate universe, supernatural creatures, and mystery. The show was produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions. BBC One and HBO joined together to air this show as BBC One aired it in the UK, HBO made its international release possible. The show premiered its first season on November 3, 2019, with a total of 8 episodes.

The show is about multidimensional worlds where the stories alternate between. In the alternate world, humans have dog companions named ‘Daemon’ which is a manifestation of other human beings and in the real world, the story of a young girl named Lyra is focused upon. She is an orphan living with the Jordan College, Oxford scholars. She is in search of her missing friend but uncovers many kidnappings and other mysterious occurrences.

The season 2 of the show was renewed even before the premiere of the first season. The reason for this might be because the network is keen on shooting all the sequels to the novels as a show. The second novel is called The Subtle Knife and the show might have some changes in the storyline but not entirely. The season 2 of the show was wrapped up long ago as the artists took to Twitter to announce the shoot wrap of season 2. It is expected the season 2 might air this November like the first season.

Deeptha Sakkarapani