Letterkenny season nine : When will Jared Kiso and Michelle Mylett grace your screens? All the details here!!!

By Sakshi Merlecha

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that tells us a story about a small rural community in Canada. The siblings Wayne and Katy run a farm with the help of Wayne’s few friends. This show was first seen on YouTube and was called ‘ Letterkenny’s problems’. This show was created by its lead, Jared Kiso and is directed by Jacob Tierney


As we know the story revolves around Wayne and Katy where Wayne is played by Jared Kiso and Katy is played by Michelle Mylett. We would also get to see more of Dan (K Trevor Wilson), Daryl ( Nathan Dales), Stewart ( Tyler Johnston), Reilly (Dylan Playfair).

Letterkenny main characters

The plot of the show

The plot revolves around the principal characters and how they grow and face different challenges that come their way. The Letterkenny residents are divided into three groups namely,  Hockey players, skids, Hicks. Letterkenny is one of the most hilarious shows.

Where can Letterkenny be watched?

1) Hulu 2) iTunes 3) crave tv 4) google play seasons.

Release date

Letterkenny season nine has no official release date due to the outbreak of coronavirus. It was expected to be released around July 2020 so it shall be here anytime soon. Till then we can binge-watch Letterkenny till season eight on the above-mentioned apps/ sites.

Season one – six episodes

Season two – seven episodes

Season three – seven episodes

Season four – seven episodes

Season five-six episodes

Season six – six episodes

Season seven – six episodes

Season eight – seven episodes

Thus we can expect around six to seven episodes in season nine. Unfortunately, there is no trailer for Letterkenny season nine yet. However, we shall soon be able to see Letterkenny season nine so all the Letterkenny fans hang in there.

Sakshi Merlecha