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Lucifer Season 5: Fans demand Lucifer and Constantine’s CROSSOVER! What’s their connection? Read here!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Lucifer has been renewed for Season 5 which is considered to be the finale of the series, will appear soon on the screens. The fans are eagerly waiting for certain updates to give them a glimpse of Lucifer S5. Meanwhile, the filmmakers gave us a hint of the appearance of Constantine in the upcoming season.

Do Lucifer and Constantine know each other from before?

We have never encountered Lucifer and Constantine to appear in each others’ shows but as we found our Lucifer Morningstar to appear as a cameo in Arroverse’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’ we may assume that they have some relationship between them.

It was the first time when Constantine and Lucifer crossover each other and this has led to many speculations among the fans.

Why a crossover of Constantine and Lucifer is needed in season 5?

The fans have numerous questions in their minds after they encountered their crossover in ‘Crisis’.

How do Constantine and Lucifer know each other? What happened in their first crossover? Why does Morningstar owe to Constantine? What is the connection between the trio; Morningstar, Maze, and Constantine? Did they have a one-night-stand?

All these questions are expected to be solved in season 5 if the makers show a crossover of Lucifer and Constantine.

Will Constantine appear in Season 5?

Though Matt Ryan who plays the role of Constantine is busy with his schedule of “Legends of Tomorrow. We may expect him to appear as a cameo, at least to solve the queries and reveal the theories of Lucifer and Constantine.


The official announcement of the release date of Lucifer 5 has not been announced yet.

As we know, the series will divide into two parts. We may expect the first part to be released either by the end of 2020 or sometime in 2021.

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Anchal Gupta