SHOCKING things that RIVERDALE cast doesn’t want us to know! Click on the post to know all about it!!

By Sanika Totade

Riverdale is one of the most famous teens shows available on Netflix. Soon after its release, the show got a great response and immense fan following. The cast of the show really gelled up only a few months into shooting but the things aren’t so rosy after all. Read on to find out which dark secrets are the cast and crew of Riverdale hiding from everybody.

Over the course of the show, people have loved the mysteries and also the characters. But there are some disturbing and shocking things that the cast of Riverdale has kept under the covers!

What is it that they do not what people to know?

Everybody’s favorite Archie Andrews aka KJ Apa has had his share of tough moments. KJ had to dye his hair occasionally for his role. He even had to dye his eyebrows. Due to the constant dyeing, KJ got some burns on his skin!

This is not the only time when he has physically injured himself; remember the heroic scene where Archie saves Cheryl in the snow? During the filming of that scene, KJ hurt himself while trying to break the ice. That is not it; once, while going home after a tiring shooting day, KJ fell asleep while driving his car! He bumped his car into a pole and was immediately taken to the hospital.

About Lili Reinhart aka Elizabeth (Betty) Cooper-

Lili Reinhart has always been vocal about her problems on Social Media. During the Mental Health Awareness Month, she shared her battle with depression. She told her fans about how she dealt with panic attacks and anxiety. The actor has not shown any signs of depression in the present.

Vanessa Morgan aka Toni Topaz –

Actress Vanessa Morgan who plays the role of Toni Topaz received hurtful letters from the fans of Riverdale. (Spoilers ahead) When Jughead and Betty break-up for a brief period of time, Jughead and Toni share a kiss. The fans of Bughead were furious over this new storyline; some even threatened the actor via letters!  The hate letters have stopped after the second season.

The cast of Riverdale has gone through a lot of tough times. The most devastating would be the demise of a co-star. Actor Luke Perry who played Archie’s dad (Fred Andrews) on the show, passed away in March 2019. The entire was shocked and hurt after this.

These are some of the things which are kept hidden from the fans! Watch the video to know more!

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Sanika Totade