THE ORVILLE season 3: MacFarlane to return as Captain Ed Mercer!! Where to watch the show??

By Tania Ghosh

Most of the fans of Orville Season 3 are desperate to know whether they will be returning with round 3? Around the question, the fan’s minds are revolving-“WiSeth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy-drama ll release more of space filled adventures?”The good news is that THE ORVILLE has given thumbs up for the third season.

The Hulu Package

The show will no longer be aired on Fox but from now it has been shifted to Hulu. Both the platforms are owned by Disney however. There is another advantage that Hulu’s subscription is free. Predominantly, it’s under a seven-day free trial. Due to a basic package, you have to set back your package at dollar 5.99 per month.

The Hulu Package might not be available in the UK.

The episodes can also be caught on Now Tv. Due to certain complications, Hulu is not available in the UK right now. The military installation in the US has allowed the enabled the channel to be available in the US.

The cast of the series.

Notable cast in the series includes Commander Kelly Grayson (played by Adrianna Palicki), Doctor Claire Finn (played by Penny Johnson Jerald), Lieutenant Gordon Malloy (played by Scott Grimes), Lieutenant Commander Bortus (played by Peter Macon), Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr (played by J Lee), Isaac (played by Mark Jackson), Lieutenant Talla Keyali (played by Jessica Szohr), and Klyden (played by Chad L Coleman. As per the reports, MacFarlane will return as Captain Ed Mercer.

Since season one was made up of 12 episodes. Season 3 will be made up of fewer episodes. According to the reports, the episodes will run 10 minutes more.

As of now, we have only this much information on THE ORVILLE Season 3 but stay tuned for more updates.

Tania Ghosh

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