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Will Kristen & Robert Cast in ‘Midnight Sun’ Movie? ‘Twilight’ Director Explains. Check It Out Here

By Gaurav Kesari

Midnight Sun is going to be premiered on August 4. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke revealed that Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson are not going to cast in the movie.

The novel of Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun is available on the market this coming Tuesday on August 4. This is the fifth assortment of Twilight novels which is extraordinarily speculated by the audience. The next novel of her will retell her bestselling vampire assortment by means of character Edward Cullen’s perspective. Beforehand, Twilight movie director Catherine Hardwicke talked about in an interview that she would make one different Twilight film if Midnight Sun releases.

Will Kristen & Robert be present in ‘Midnight Sun’?

In the middle of the interaction, Catherine shared if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson could possibly be involved inside the Midnight Sun movie. In accordance with her, the re-cut could possibly be robust on account of the whole thing regarding the earlier Twilight films was according to Bella. Nonetheless, she ensured if there could possibly be one different movie, it will definitely be pleasing and further fascinating.

Catherine moreover revealed that Kristen and Robert could not change their time if a re-film was in process. She also said that Robert Pattinson is Batman now and Kristen Stewart is in the meanwhile doing million totally different beautiful duties. She talked about that no one is conscious of what would happen.

Midnight Sun: Story Expectation

Midnight Sun is a story before of Twilight Saga. Readers will get to discover out about his earlier experiences and his journey as a vampire. The author beforehand abandoned the manuscript of the novel 12 years up to now ensuing from a web-based leak. She reportedly said that the novel will never be going to see an end when the robust draft of the e-book leaked on the net. Now, lastly, Stephenie has completed Midnight Sun.

Gaurav Kesari