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By Priyanka Peddinti

With a growing amount of interest, investments, and returns in the domain of web series, a lot many makers and production units have shifted their focus on this side of the spectrum. With movies after movies and series after series lined up, we have a whole new arena of entertainment shaping up in front of us, these days. and also like I have stated in an earlier article of mine, shooting a story into various seasons or series is the best bet for a director because it gives instant feedback to them. Any moderations, if required can be made in the subsequent editions.

So, here is one such season. This is a part of the British series, called Derry Girls. It falls under the genre of sitcom and dark comedy, so naturally, it is not meant for kids. Created by the accomplished team of Lisa McGee, Michael Lennox, it is produced by Hat Trick Productions. Its first season was shown on Channel 4, in January 2018, more than two and a half years back, and it has been mesmerizing the audiences since then. The second season followed shortly later in March 2019 that is last year. With a total of 12 episodes, each streaming for 22 minutes of run time, it has set many records and made fans wait for the next episode every time.

After a gap of more than one year between the initial two seasons, we are back with a third one now. it had to be released in May this year, but due to this unforeseen situation, we have to await some delays.

Ok, so with that being said, let us now talk about the plot. This series is set in the Northern Ireland of the 1990s. it revolves around the lives of Erin, Orla, Clare, James, and Michelle, a group of teenagers. They show the common problems that almost all of us face in these times. Special emphasis is given to the circumstances surrounding Derry. Author Lisa McGee has recently told that this season will throw up an amazing concept and a never thought before plot.

Coming to the cast. We have the character of Erin Quinn played by Saorise Monica Johnson. Orla McCool played by Louisa Harland, Michelle Mallon played by Jamie Donnel. Aunt Sarah played by Siobhan McSweeney.

The other characters involved are:

  1. Sister Michael played by Siobhán McSweeney
  2. Clare Devlin played by Nicola Coughlan
  3. James Maguire played by Dylan Llewellyn
  4. Granda Joe played by Ian McElhinney
  5. Ma/Mary played by Tara Lynne O’Neill
  6. Da/Gerry played by Tommy Tiernan
  7. Jenny Joyce played by Leah O’Rourke

The official trailer is not out as of yet, but stay tuned to this space to receive further updates!

Priyanka Peddinti

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