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Jon Gosselin Denies Child Abuse Claims.People obtained a replica of Collin’s deleted Instagram, that allegedly aforementioned, “My male parent could be a slicker. Check it out

Gosselin has since spoken out, saying, “It’s not true, I’d ne’er hit Collin, ever. I like him with all my heart.” browse his account of what happened below.
The statements follow a story announce by folks magazine claiming that the county of Berks, Pennsylvania, notified Collin’s mother Kate Gosselin concerning an occurrence between Jon and Collin. Collin also created accusations against his father in a now-deleted Instagram post.

According to a toddler and Youth Services report obtained by the magazine, Jon is the defendant of “causing bodily injury to a toddler through recent act/failure to act: hitting/punching.”
Meanwhile, Kate spoke intent on folks, saying, “You don’t punch and kick your youngsters. you are doing not kick a toddler. I don’t need to listen to any excuses from anyone, not from his father, not from native enforcement, not from court personnel whose job is purportedly to confirm the most effective interests of my youngsters. there’s a toddler abuse law, PA 23; section 8i states that doing any of the subsequent, regardless of whether it causes injury, is ill-usage, and 1st on its list is kicking. Period.”
She supplementary of her adult male, “I don’t need my youngsters around him. Enough is enough.”
People obtained a replica of Collin’s deleted Instagram, which allegedly aforementioned, “My male parent could be slicker.
According to Jon, he was driving back from the dentist’s workplace with 2 of his youngsters, Hannah and Collin, on September two after they got into an argument.
Gosselin aforementioned later on he left the house to grant Collin some area, however, Hannah referred to as and aforementioned Collin was aiming to decision the police, therefore Jon turned back.
As a mother, I’m not attending to sit quietly and lazily by whereas my kid, any of my youngsters, is ill-treated by anyone, coupled with their father. I’m spotlighting this, and that I can keep shouting concerning it, within the hopes that the authorities and therefore the courts can finally do the correct issue. don’t come back my kid to an abuser’s home. Jon has to be charged against the law.”

Collin and Hannah had been living with Jon in recent years, however, Kate tells folks, “The police suggested ME that they removed Collin from Jon’s home at once, and as so much as I’m aware, he still isn’t back.”
Collin, meanwhile, defendant Jon of physical abuse, prompting an investigation by the Berks County youngsters & Youth Services in Pennsylvania, per People.