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Angelina Jolie is in BAD CONDITION!!! And the reason might be Brad Pitt!!! Does she want him back???

By Rajal Ghai

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship is over for a long time. According to some sources, it is found that Angelina is in bad condition mentally as well as physically. She is getting thin day by day. The sources suggest that the reason behind this is her broken connection with Brad Pitt.

Sources suggest that Angelina is not able to get over it completely. She wants to take revenge from Brad Pitt. Angelina is not taking a proper diet these days. This is because she thinks that this is the best way to take revenge. Whenever Angelina and Brad were together Brad used to tell Angelina to eat well and take care of herself. She has now figured out that she won’t be following anything that Brad used to tell her.

Why is Angelina suffering?

The matter of her children’s custody is also blamed for her condition these days. The court did not provide the decision Angelind wanted for herself. Her finances are also the reason for such a high level of stress in her life. She has been skipping meals for a time now. Her meals include only salads or even a cup of coffee at times. The insiders suggest that she is keeping herself busy by doing many things at a time. This has led to her being unhealthy now.

Two years ago a rumor speculated telling fans about Angelina’s hospitalization. The reasons were claimed to be weight loss due to the divorce of Angelina and Brad. Later the rumors were neglected and the reasons were said to be false.

It is unclear whether what is happening with Angelina and her life. But here fans and well-wishers always her to recover out of whatever she is suffering from. There has been no news about Brad regarding the matter.

Rajal Ghai