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Avengers: 5 People Thor Would Have Been Great With (& 5 He Would Have Been Awful With)

Now, we all agree that Marvel characters have been giving us serious goals, be it jokes and sarcasm of Iron Man and Spiderman, the old love and sense of duty of Captain America, or the incomplete love story of Thor! We all indeed loved the pairing of Thor and Jane Foster, and deep down, they were severe love goals for many of us.

But moving on is what is needed! With the end of the world stress, losing his family and significant of Asgard, Thor got caught up in a very turbulent journey (God of Thunder much?) Since the duo seized to exist, which another character he should be paired with?  And while we are at it, which ones he should stay away from?

Captain Marvel (Awesome)

Talk about the powers! Thor and Captain Marvel are arguably the most potent Avengers, so it seems they will be a perfect match for each. The interaction of Avengers: Endgame proves that they would both try and one-up the other, which would be entertaining to watch. In our dreams, the perfect film would be Captain Marvel and Thor traveling the universe together fighting crime.

Mantis (Awesome)

Mantis and Thor share the same sense of ridiculous probably because the styles of Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of The Galaxy aren’t that different. Pretty sure that this combination will shock and confuse the members of guardians of the galaxy. Mantis is one of the most underrated and also quite clueless characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and their personalities would fit well.

Valkyrie (Awful)
maybe this is because Thor has kind of tried to flirt with Valkyrie already. They have an entertaining, dynamic duo but not the romantic sort of. Valkyrie was one of Odin’s warriors, and then became a bounty hunter on Sakaar, where she meets Thor.


Black Widow (Awful)

While Black Widow is one of the original six Avengers, she might not have a full appreciation for his antics. Owing to Natasha’s sacrifice for the Soul Stone in Endgame and their complicated past, Thor and Black Widow are better off as Avengers teammates rather than being romantically involved with each other.

Scarlet Witch (Awesome)

She is one of the strongest avengers in MCU, and though she and Thor haven’t conversed in MCU film yet, we still believe that they will make a fantastic twist given a storyline is appropriately created. She’s a quiet character whose powers haven’t been experimented with yet, but Scarlet Witch and Thor would make a great team.

The Wasp (Awful)

Now we may feel that Thor can get along with Scott Lang, as seen in Avenger: Endgame (what-a-movie), we cannot make such claims with Hope Pym. She takes things way more seriously than Scott and may also not understand the hype around Thor, which wouldn’t make it much of an iconic duo!


Gamora (Awesome)

For some style and unearthly reason, Thor fits well with the Guardians of Galaxy. We have post-Thor: Ragnarok that amongst the original Avengers, he was the first one to communicate with the Guardians. It’s no surprise that Thor fits in so well with the Guardians of The Galaxy. When the guardians in Infinity War rescued him, we heard some excellent commenting from Gamora, which was indeed a hilarious scene. There could be some possible chemistry if adequately curated.

Nebula (Awful)

Given her turbulent relationship with the rest of the characters, Nebula is necessarily the absolute opposite of Gamora. While she’s fit in more into the team, she and Thor probably wouldn’t get along with each other.

Agent Hill (Awesome)

Maria Hill is considered to be an underrated Marvel character, who usually accompanies Nick Fury in several post-credit scenes and more widely in Spider-Man: Far From Home. She’s a confident badass, and it’s more than possible that Thor would like her if she had more screen time. It’s safe to assume that Maria Hill will return to the MCU at some point.

Jane Foster (Awful)

It’s safe to say that Jane and Thor are probably better off without each other, considering all of the things that happened to Thor that Jane wasn’t around for and vice versa.  This is an obvious choice, mainly because Jane Foster will be returning as Lady Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor and Jane had a complicated relationship in his first two films, which led to them breaking up, but her return could mean a few different things. Hope for the best.