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‘Defending Jacob’ is Now Available on Apple TV+!!! Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Reviews!!!

By Riya Kumari

Defending Jacob was recently released for Apple TV+ and it ended today. The series encompasses eight episodes.

Mark Bomback has developed and jotted down the series. William Landay has composed a novel of a similar name. Apple TV+ is its original network.

What is the Release Date for Defending Jacob?

The makers released it on 24 April 2020 on Apple TV+ and ended on 29 May 2020.


Defending Jacob’s most awaited trailer was dropped on youtube on 25th March 2020. Its trailer has made the devotees crazy for it. At the crime scene, the police find Jacob’s prints. Ben Rifkin was his classmate. However, Jabob’s parents go to any extent to protect their son because they know that Jacob is innocent.

What about the plot?

A family is trying to cope up with the indictment of their 14 years old child. The police sentenced him as the assassin of his classmate, Ben. The case is under inquiry by Andy. Andy is an assistant area attorney in Newton. Andy is the father of Jacob. Jacob and Ben Riffkins were classmates. He later discovers the brutal relationship between his son Jacob and the deceased. The suspense is all about the measures took by Andy and his wife Laurie to save their son Jacob. Also, who murdered Ben, and why he/she killed him was the core suspense.

As the makers have disclosed the series so, you can watch it to know the suspense and end of the series.

Who are the casting members?

The three-star cast of the series comprises Chris Evans who plays the part of Andy Barber. He is the prosecutor in the case of the death of the 14 years boy. Michelle Dockery took the role of Laurie Barber, who is Andy’s wife. Jaeden Martell in the role of Jacob Barber (Andy and Laurie’s son).

The other partners are, Sakina Jaffrey in the role of Lynn Canavan. Betty Gabriel took the role of Paula Duffy. J. K. Simmons in the role of Billy Barber. Pablo Schreiber took the part of Neal Logiudice. Cherry Jones took over the role of Joanna Klein.

Based on the reviews from fifty-four reviewers, Rotten Tomatoes has given a rating of 70%. Thus, Metacritic has received mainly optimistic reviews until presently.

Riya Kumari