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Diablo 4: Release date, Trailers, story and much more! Check it out here.

Finally, Diablo 4 is being designed in a brand-new engine for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In addition, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson has been recruited to supervise development on the whole Diablo franchise.

Diablo 4 will feature an open world map with 5 regions, a non-linear campaign and day/night cycles. You can destroy and loot your way through this world with one of five customizable classes.

What is it?

The next installation in the veteran action-role playing dungeon-crawling series, Diablo.

When can I play it?

We’re not fully certain, but according to blizzard ‘not soon’.

What can I play it on?

PS4, Xbox One, and PC (maybe next-gen consoles).

Diablo 4 release date

Bad news Diablo 4 probably won’t be released anytime soon.

Diablo 4 trailers

Controller Support

Diablo 4 will be supporting controllers on PC. According to Blizzard, the goal is to provide players “the facility to switch between the two options easily”.
Story and setting
Diablo 4 will be placed after Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. The gates of heaven have been closed after Malthael, the Angel of Death, destroyed much of Sanctuary.
It’s through Heaven’s ignorance of the events transpiring in Sanctuary that Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto and canonical mother of humanity, is set loose from her prison.
All we know right now is that it’s all open, with five unique regions and both a day/night cycle and ever-changing weather. Missions are non-linear and according to the game’s director, you’re open to taking them however, you’d like.

Always online

Other players will arrive in your game for shared events, indicating you will have to always be online to play. You can’t turn off this feature but you can choose not to group up with others.