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Dwayne Johnson And Zac Efron Are Returning With Baywatch 2!! Take A Look At Release Date, Cast, And Interesting Details Of The Sequel.

Baywatch is a 2017 movie packed with elements of action and comedy. It truly is one of the best in its genre. The film is based on a TV series of the same name. Interestingly, it received an overwhelming response earning $177.9 million globally. Although it was also criticized for its storyline and character development.


Sadly, there is no official trailer released until now. But we expect it to be out soon, maybe, in later 2020.

Release Date

We don’t have any firm release date for Baywatch 2 yet. However, it can be expected to be out somewhere in 2021.


The first part of Baywatch starred Johnson and Efron as the leading cast. We also saw Kelly Rohrbach, Jon Bass, IIfenesh Hadera, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario as other supporting characters.

Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson are confirmed to reprise their roles as Matt Brody and Mitch Buchannon. We can also expect Priyanka Chopra to be back as Victoria Leeds. Alexandra Daddario might reappear as Summer Quinn as well. There is no word on the list of new castings. But hopefully, we’ll get to know soon!


Fortunately, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are returning as screenwriters. Moreover, they already have an idea for the upcoming sequel.

Beau Flynn, the producer stated, “We have an amazing story already, we’re bringing back the writers of the first one, and I know Dwayne would be in, I know Zac and all the girls would be. We just have this really cool idea to put them in this whole new world. We would take it overseas.”

It seems like the whole team is back for another wild ride! The film is set in an overseas world. So we can expect a lot more exciting twists! Sounds exciting right?