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iPhone 12 might not include a charger, Apple confirms, get the details

By Abhishek Singh

Gone were those days when owning a simple touchscreen handheld phone would’ve been considered luxurious. And flaunting your phone among your friends & boasting about it. With the coming age, technology has evolved into a faster rate where almost anything is possible with a smartphone. Whether it be playing console-quality games to utilities that promote productivity & efficiency. And Apple is no slouch when it comes to providing superior quality features. One can hope for when it comes to technology, especially it’s the smartphone segment. iPhone has an impressive track record of great performance, impressive camera quality & stronger processors. And it’s new edition iPhone 12 has plenty of new features it offers. And the news that it might not include a charger! Curious? Read on more to know about the latest smartphone iPhone 12.

News about iPhone 12 not including charger.

It seems like Apple has various reasons for not including a charger and earbuds for its next launch of the smartphone. An Apple analyst Ming chi-Kuo who manages the Apple supply chain revealed that. Despite being an expensive 5G smartphone, the price of the iPhone 12 will be the same as iPhone 11. And not including the charger and earbuds in the smartphone serves two reasons. One might be to lower the freight cost & the second one might be to reduce the size of the packaging of the iPhone 12.

Another marketing strategy for Apple?

Apple not including wired earbuds in the latest iPhone 12 might seem dissatisfying to many smartphone lovers. Many believe that this could also be an attempt to boost the sales of wireless AirPods with price starting from 159$ compared to 25$ earbud. Kuo also clarified that the new iPhone 12 will also feature a 20W charger. Which will be a dozen times faster than the 5W & 18W chargers from its predecessor iPhone 11. This is also an indication that Apple is discontinuing these chargers for the new 20W model. People who own the previous model of the smartphone might not have any issues. But there will be some backlash of not including the charger for the latest smartphone by new users.

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