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Is Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow? Is Amber Heard happy about it? Here is the real deal about the upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film!

The Pirates of the Caribbean  (POTC) was originally just a ride in the Disney World theme parks. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies started from this attraction in Disney World.

The series debuted in 2003 with the movie titled ‘Pirates of Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’. As of now, there have been five movies released by the franchise. The latest movie titled Pirates of released in 2017. It is titled, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

The most renowned character of the series, Captain Jack Sparrow is famous because of the legendary actor Johnny Depp. The actor had also received an Oscar nomination for playing this role!

Why was Depp in the news?

In May 2016, Johnny Depp’s personal life took a toll when his wife, Amber Heard accused him of physical assault. Depp maintained his stand saying that it was he who had been physically assaulted in their relationship.

However, this accusation by his wife changed everything for him.

Recently, Amber Heard confessed in an audio interview that in her marriage, she used to get very angry and hit Depp.

It was now clear that it was Amber who physically assaulted Depp and not the other way round.

What does this mean for the fans?

The fans of the original POTC want Depp in the newest film. a probable fan of the films also started a petition through Change.Org to get him back as Jack sparrow. This petition has collected over 190,000 signatures.

The makers (of POTC) have hinted that they will soon be launching the sixth movie. However, they have not made any statements on whether Depp will be playing Jack Sparrow or not.

Are the makers casting Depp as Jack Sparrow?

If the maker’s pays heed to what the fans want then they may cast Depp as Jack Sparrow again. Looking at the present circumstances, it seems most likely that this might actually happen as he is now proven not guilty in the assault case.

Heard is facing a possible defamation case.  She has proved to have lied in court and made false allegations.

In addition to this, the possibility of Depp’s life getting back on tracks has made her furious!