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Jaden Smith is ILL but doesn’t like to talk about it!!! Parents Will Smith & Jada Pinkett are really worried about him!!!

By Rajal Ghai

Jaden Smith is the son of legendary actor and director Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Jaden Smith has a really good career in Rapping and Acting. His unique songwriting has created a lot of buzz among the fans. Reports suggest that he has been sick these days. This is really troublesome for his career.

Fans last saw Jaden Smith in the 2017 Netflix series Neo Yokio. According to reports, he has now been suffering from a really severe illness. The reason for the illness is considered to be a deficiency of some vitamins and nutrients.

The beginning of Jaden Smith’s illness!

Jaden Smith considerably started a vegan diet in September of 2019. The new vegan meal did not suit his body at all and he started to fall sick from the very beginning. He now looks really malnourished, weak and has developed eyebags these days.

Jadens’ parents have started to worry about his illness and have started to find ways to heal their son. After consulting a few doctors and health specialists it was found that Jaden was lacking Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3. The deficiency of these vital nutrients is very bad for the human body. This deficiency is leading to him getting worse day by day. It needs to be cured with time from getting worse.

Jaden Smith does not like what is happening around him!

This illness of Jaden has got the attention of many around the world. This is really annoying for Jaden as people and media all around him keep asking him about his health. Jaden even said so in an interview that he is fine and doesn’t need so many questions regarding his health. There are many people speculating his illness on the Internet from the worst to the best. But these things are just annoying for Jaden.

Jaden even refused to have any medical attention at first. But now he is in good care and is recovering better day by day.

Rajal Ghai