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Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez finalizes divorce with Hollywood agent husband, Patrick Whitesell ??

The girlfriend of Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez has reached an agreement with the terms of their divorce, which says that they have to share the custody of their daughter and son while dividing their property according to the terms of the prenuptial agreement made by them and this what the legal documents reveal.

The marriage came to an end after the revelation of the affair of Sanchez and Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, and it is to be expected to be finalized by the end of the month.

She dumped her Hollywood agent husband for the Amazon billionaire back in May.

And he has moved on with the Australian Beauty Pia Miller, who is a 35-year-old model and actress.
The divorce was filled in the early of April.

Since then, they both have worked on divorce quite privately with the celebrity divorce specialist for a month.

Whilst Jeff had split with his wife in January, followed by the news of an affair with Sanchez.
The property of Whitesell’s wealth of about 440 million dollars, while Bezos has an amount worth 137 billion dollars.

The couple was married for approx 14 years in which they had two children who are a boy and a girl, whereas Sachez has a son from her previous relationship.

Mackenzie and Jeff had a public divorce with a settlement of 38 billion dollars worth of Amazon stocks provided to her.

It was seven months until their relationship came to be known, which was exposed by National Enquirer. They announced their divorce on Twitter as they are parting as friends after a long period of loving exploration.

But after some hours, it came to news that Bezos was in a relationship with Sanchez.

That came just seven months after the illicit affair between Lauren and Jeff, who were both married when they began their romance, was exposed in the National Enquirer.

Jeff and MacKenzie announced on Twitter in January that they were parting ‘as cherished friends’ and divorcing ‘after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation.’

But within hours, it emerged that Bezos was in a relationship with Sanchez.