Joaquin Phoenix to return on screens with Joker 2!!! The Oscar winning movie will come up with a sequel!!! Cast & Plot details!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The captivating and oscar-winning movie Joker to return on screens with its sequel. The movie has been officially announced that it will be renewed for a new season. Joker 2 can also be expected to break the records as the previous movie did.

Joker earned over 1 billion dollars across the world. Released in October 2019, the movie has been immensely loved by its fandom. Most probably the movie is loved because of its amazing storyline that can be related to most of the people in the present generation. The movie was R-rated due to its storyline. The American movie has created a big and enormous fandom who are eagerly waiting for the movie to release its sequel.


The movie revolved around Arthur Fleck, who had a disorder that made him laugh even in serious situations and this worsen day by day. Arthur dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but being born in a poor family he ended up being bullied and raged by people. All these circumstances turned Arthur into a Villain. The movie is set in 1980 in Gotham City.

B the end of the movie we encountered that Arthur got locked up behind the bars. We may anticipate the sequel to follow up on the storyline of the previous movie. This might lead Arthur to come out of the bars and begin his revengeful adventures again.

The movie says that when we are young, we admire heroes, but after growing up we learn to understand villains. This line has gained huge popularity among people. If you scroll through social networking sites, you will surely find it in many places.

The cast of Joker 2:

We may expect the old casts to appear in the movie again. Though nothing has been made clear, we can expect Joaquin Phoenix to come back in the movie as our most loved villain Joker along with other casts.

RELEASE DATE of Joker 2:

The movie’s sequel can be expected to be released by October 2021.


No trailer oof the movie has been unveiled yet.

Anchal Gupta