Love, Death and Robots season 2: Release date, trailer and everything else that you need to know about!!

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Love, Death + Robots (LDR), an animated adult anthology series by Tim Miller and David Fincher released in Netflix only earlier this month (15th March). And in such a short time span, it attracted a huge number of responses from viewers too.

How LD&R enthralled the viewers

Despite a fairly stealthy launch, Love, Death, and Robots have racked up praises and a few complaints about its edgy approach and unique visual look. At its best, in episodes like “Zima Blue” and “The Three Robots,” LD&R combines thoughtful and witty high-concept stories with truly breathtaking animation. At its worst, it can feel like the 2019 high-tech version of a 1970s Heavy Metal magazine. Old wine in a new bottle!

It gathered a lot of love from some quarters, with a huge number of praises for the varied animation styles, and a number of the standalone episodes that rightfully deserve praise, such as Beyond the Aquila Rift, Three Robots and Ice Age.

However, there is some amount of concern regarding the manner in which the series has used the female body. It’s certainly not to everyone’s taste, but fans of the show will want to know what the future holds for Love, Death + Robots season 2: a range of animated styles covering stories on “mature themes” – i.e., ultraviolence, sexuality, and evil cats. In addition to this, we have robots. Lots of them actually.

Season 2 release date

There has been no official announcement for the release of the second season, though. Netflix has not announced whether at all, the series will be renewed for a second outing. You and we can only make guesses about this. But for any further updates, keep an eye on this page.

The first season has just revealed itself, and there is absolutely no chance for even a trailer of the second season at this point in time. What fans can do is wait patiently.