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Mayor of Boston is experiencing nightmarish experiences for it’s the silver lining of the PAX East!

By Tania Ghosh

It has been a long time since the Mayor of Boston has been pulling efforts to get Sony to be at PAX East.

Efforts of Mayor

He last wrote to the company as to why they are not considering pulling from the event? As prepared by WCVB for Mayor Marty Walsh, he had sent a letter to Kenichiro Yoshida.

You must have read about Kenichiro Yoshida that he is the President and CEO of Sony. The convention took place so that they could return to it last week.

The Video Games Chronicle threw down the following snippet-

There is a pitch of darkness all around. There is no relief as they reinforce harmful stereotypes and collecting the Asian Generations.

They have worked really hard to dismantle. However, there remains a virtual stampede of groups of people with suspicion, and one out of the platform was to miss opportunities and connections provided by the global city.

Boston is rushing to walk up against these harmful and misguided fears. That is when the Mayor added- With the help of the status of the large, international company, they could set a good example.

They had no option as a leader in technology, and thus they should spend their time in showing people that they are motivated by facts and not fear.

The final conclusion

Hence they are requested to wait for their success will be up in the air. Their own relief train of experience with Sony is an indication. Adversity indeed brings with it strange bedfellows.

Though being absolutely strangers, their only concern will be to meet with silence. They should gather every thought from their nearby interviews and confirm their decision.

Soon the convention will arrive, and they have to be moved by the social consciousness that the generosity for shipping everything to Boston right now will probably cost them more.

They should have encountered the relief of the onward journey of the original plans for PAX East.

Tania Ghosh