No Game, No life will come up with another sequel this year, Are you excited?

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No Game, No Life is one of the most famous game web series I have come across. This series was one of those best series that impressed the fans greatly.

Fans are now asking whether the next season will be released or not? The first season was released in 2014. Though it was a fantastic series and impressed the audience highly, the other game studios never announced the launching of the game series. But we have brought good news for you because we care about your curiosity.

Yes, it will be released this year only. The official date of the release is not declared. However, the second part of the season is coming up.No Game No Life is one of the famous cartoon manga series. The number of languages in which the game has been dubbed is immense. The series is available to be watched on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The plot revolves around two siblings. If you have forgotten them, let me remind you their names were Shora and Shiru. They are the best gamers in the world. They faced the only problem when they were asked to compete with the God of Games. Fortunately, they were lucky enough to live in a gaming world.

So do not miss this Japanese novel. Its author’s name is Yu Kamiya. The characters in the series which have been appreciated greatly by the readers include
• Stephanie Dola
• Jibril
• Warbeast
• Kurama Zeil
• Dhampirs
• Sirens
• Tet
• Azrael

The previous series consisted of 12 episodes. The last episode was lament on the protagonist’s skills as both Sora and Shiro get defeated. Izuna drops her guard, and she gets shot by Stephanie riding an NPC. Sora gets frustrated.

She forces political pressure on Miko. Miko is an Eastern Federation Leader and is asked for a challenge. Then they go for a coin flip. Sora gets the land on edge. She then allegedly convinces Miko to let them both win the game. The series ends with Sora and friends having the Miko channel.