One Punch Man season 3: Find out more about the episodes, release date, plot and characters!

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One Punch Man is an anime series about Saitama, a man so powerful that it takes only one punch from him to defeat enemies. Fans have been curious about the third season of the anime and with good reason. It takes a very long time for each season to come out – season 2 came out a whole three years after the first one. 

How many episodes will Season 3 have?

With the big break, fans expected to see a longer running second season. That was not the case. Both seasons 1 and 2 had 12 episodes, and season 3 most likely will not be an exception. 

Within the three year period, there was a major production change – J.C.Staff took over the series. The manga, from which the anime finds its roots, also saw several breaks in between.

If you observe the second season, which J.C.Staff made, it covers more chapters than season 1, which means they covered more content and more storyline. Season 1 covered till chapter 36 or so, season 2 started from chapter 37 till 84. The manga’s latest chapter installment is chapter 127, which came out in February. This means that season 3 has around 40 chapters worth of content for the anime’s season 3.

When will Season 3 come out?

The producers haven’t officially announced One Punch Man season 3, so we can assume that production hasn’t started either. Some think that this installment may even take up to 4 years to release.

While fans may be a little disappointed, this is good news in away. This allows the manga to have some time updating and replenishing, giving more interesting content that can fill out the wait without any pressure. 

What can we expect from the plot?

What we do know is that season 3 will focus a lot on the Monster Associate Arc as well as the rivalry between Saitama and Speed-o-Sound Sonic. This ninja warrior made a vow to exact revenge from Saitama to restore his personal sense of honor, and we have seen him across the seasons as more than a sneering side character. We can expect more of him and his sly ways in the upcoming season.