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This marvelous Disney reboot machine still keeps on buzzing, with the next seal of approval on the conveyor is Pirates of the Caribbean. This show is based on a fantasy created by Walt Disney. There are some reasons an authorized reboot is at work. The first movie had received so much of love from critics and became a commercial success, but for each sequel, Disney’s returned constricted.

The Pirates of the Caribbean had earned more than $4.5 billion in these 14 years. The latest reboot will take the storyline in a different direction, that the franchise extremely requires.

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According to the latest reports, Disney is in the starting stage of making part 6 of Pirates of the Caribbean. New writers Terry Rossio and Jeff Nathanson had worked on this script of the movie. The release date might be around fall 2021.

The audience is curious enough to know the cast of this 6th film. Some rumors about Johnny Depp demanding stiff payment, which led the way to a rift among their parties. There might be entries of new characters in this part of the series.


The leading characters of Pirates of the Caribbean include Captain Jack (Johnny Depp), Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). The box office collection was about $4.524 billion in earlier years.
– Johnny Depp will be playing the role of Jack Sparrow.
– Keira Knightley shows up as Elizabeth.
– Orlando Bloom makes a comeback with the role of Will Turner.
– Kaya Scodelario as Carina Barbossa.
– Brenton Thwaites will play the part of Henry.


As sequels ordered up so quickly, resulting in the shooting of this series and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. As stated by Geeks Worldwide, Disney is viewing the Dead Men Tell No Tales Helmer Ronning to return for directing Pirates of the_Caribbean.