precautions is the best cure: Coping With Coronavirus Cabin Fever!!!

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As cases of the novel COVID-19 continue to rise, the workers are working from home. Hence, there are some necessary measures to take care of to be safe at home.

1. Boost immune system –
In recent studies, researchers have found that polar research crews can suffer from depletion in the immune system.
Psychologists believe that listening to cheerful music or either watching a movie will boost our immune function.
But during self-isolation, it would be a good idea to improve your immune response quickly.
2. Shape your day –
For a few people, self-isolation may lead to mild mental health issues. However, the coronavirus self-isolation will not be as extreme. But for a few people may feel some difficulty with sleep, feelings of restlessness, or feel unenthusiastic. To fight with these problems, it is essential to build your day by setting a perfect schedule for meals and bedtime or planning activities, etc.

3. Avoid conflict
People might be self-isolating in some cases with a group of friends or family. Researchers, after looking at reducing the conflicts during space missions, advised exercising daily for about a few minutes so that they can avoid conflicts.
Cosmonaut Lebedev spent 211 days on the space station Mir, thus reported that almost 30% of the time was spent dealing with conflicts in space. The increase of group tensions has been seen in research stations. So it is the best idea for trying to reduce our interpersonal conflicts.
4. Maintain social contact
During self-isolation, people need to stay in touch with social networks. This might be as easy as phoning a friend, sending an email, or joining a discussion through social media.
Although people might still want direct interaction, everyone should always strictly follow public health recommendations and social distance.