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Rare cave salamander remained in same spot for 7 years , isn’t interesting let us check out the reasons why ?

There is a new study that has found that there is an unusual amphibian who spent 2567 days without even moving known as olms.
That salamander doesn’t even move, eat, or reproduce during their surprising long lifespans.

There are not many creatures that can exist without eating food or without a movement, but the Cave salamander, namely Olm( scientific name:- Proteus anguinus), can also be the new record holder for not doing absolutely nothing for several years even after staying alive.

The Scientist has found that this rare salamander is found in the caves of South European country Bosnia-Herzegovina, which barely even moved in its span of 7 years. When measured, the salamander was found to be something less than 10 meters.

There is also an interesting fact about them is that these blind creatures can live up to a century in the darkness of underwater.
Surprisingly they don’t have a predator, and they can live for decades without eating.

Their main diets consist of shrimps or snails, which are found by their acute hearing ability. They only move when it is time to move their generation forward, which usually happens after the span of approx 12 years.

In 8 years of research, the divers picked up them to collect data and placed them in the same place they were picked.

During their research to determine the creatures’ movements and spatial patterns, the divers noticed that the unusual amphibians weren’t doing much of anything, including moving. But even after a long time, they didn’t get anything that is unusual.

The human’s impact is the most important factor in the life of Olms. It’s low reproductive activity, and it’s natural habitat made its existence quite rare in today’s world.