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#Safety Zone – During Planet Formation Giant Moons Got Saved From Fatal Plunge ??

By Siringula Keerthana

Numerical duplications have exposed evidence of the existence of safety zones that are surrounding giant gas planets. Astronomers believe that the moons we see in the solar system, formed along with parent planet.

Moons form from the gas and dust revolving around the still launching planet. Earlier duplications have resulted in all large moons falling into the planet and being polished off or various large moons remaining.

The situations that are seen around Saturn, with several small moons so far one large moon, do not fit in these models.

The researchers created new models that are considered as multiple sources of blurriness, including ice and dust. “We demonstrated for the first time that a system with only single large moon around a giant planet could form,” says Fujii(Designated Assistant Professor) at Nagoya University.

He also expressed that this is a significant milestone to know the origin of Titan after creating a new model of circumplanetary disks with a realistic temperature distribution by taking into consideration of multiple sources of opacities.

Red-hot Issues:

Their simulations had shown that there is a “safety zone” where the moon is pushed away from the planet where the warm gas inside the orbit pushes the satellite outside and prevents from falling into the planet. Ogihara cautions that it would be difficult to scan whether Titan experienced this process.

Our view can be verified through research of satellites around extra-solar planets. If there are several single-exomoon systems found, then the formation mechanism will become a red-hot issue.


Then and there, these results were published as Fujii and Ogihara – Formation of single-moon systems around gas giants in Astrophysics and Astronomy Letters in March 2020.

In this formation, the PC Cluster is used as the simulations operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).

Siringula Keerthana