Sandra Oh’ s KILLING EVE renewed for a fourth season? What does season 3 leave us with? Release Date, Plot, Trailer and more!

By Sanika Totade

Sandra Oh’ s KILLING EVE has been renewed for a Season 4. In Killing Eve, Sandra Oh plays an officer of the British Intelligence who is assigned on a case to capture a deadly assassin Villanelle.

The Network released the third season of the show on 12th and 13th April for BBC America and BBC iPlayer respectively.

About the show-

Sandra Oh’ s Killing Eve is a British Drama; it follows the genres of Spy Thriller, Drama, and Black Comedy. The show is made available on BBC America and BBC iPlayer.  The makers released the first season of the show in April and September of 2018 depending upon the different channels. The show is an adaptation of Luke Jennings’ novel.  David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia are the composers of the series.

The Plot-

Sandra Oh’s character Eve Polastri is a British Intelligence Officer. In the show, she is to catch Villanelle, a psychopathic killer. During Eve’s quest for catching Villanelle, both of them develop an unhealthy obsession to know as much as they can about one another.

The Cast-

The show has a stellar cast, including-

  • Sandra Oh
  • Jodie Comer
  • Fiona Shaw
  • Kim Bodnia
  • Owen McDonnell
  • Sean Delaney
  • Edward Bluemel
  • Nina Sosanya
  • Kirby Howell Baptiste
  • Harriet Walter
  • David Haig

And many other popular actors.

About Season 3-

The makers released the latest season of Killing Eve on the 12th of April, 2020. The season finale titled ‘Are you leading or am I?’ was out on 31st May. This season of the show, like the other seasons, has eight episodes.

(Spoilers ahead)

Along with many twists and turns, the latest season also shows us Kenny’s death. Villanelle is planning to get out of her assassin’s job. This may show us a different angle in the future as it will have an impact on Eve and Villanelle’s relation.

The people described the season’s ending as ‘ambiguous’. But, it can also be inferred that the makers are just keeping scope for the next season. In January 2020, the Network confirmed a fourth season for the series.

Sanika Totade