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Spider-Man 3 Theory: Peter’s Lawyer Isn’t Daredevil- Figuring out the chances for and against.

It’s a matter of the fact that the fanbase for Marvel characters is pretty huge, the fanbase for the cast that plays these characters is pretty huge, and conclusively the total fanbase is HUMUNGOUS!

That’s right! Tom Holland’s Spiderman speaks to the Marvel fans in a way that always reminds us of Iron Man. This Marvel character has quite a journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he was recruited by Iron Man to fight in a superhero war and then established himself as a New York crimefighter. Peter then “died” after a cosmic battle against Thanos and returned five years later and saw Iron Man die.


Most recently, he saved the world again only to have his secret identity outed to the public. Talk about adventure and healthy, eh?

In the upcoming movie Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker will likely need a lawyer, and Daredevil is the fan-favorite choice to fill that role – but he isn’t the best choice. Courtesy of Mysterio at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he not only revealed Peter Parker as the Spiderman in the footage, but he also altered it in such a manner that it seemed that Peter initiated the massive attack in London.

This is some seriously bad news but also helps in speculating that whatever be the storyline of the upcoming movie of Marvel Studios and Sony, this is something which will be followed up the very first in Spiderman 3.


Coming to the fans’ theory of Daredevil being the lawyer has been picking up steam as the movie approaches. Owing to such rumors, Daredevil is indeed topping every Marvel fan’s wishlist and that it was pretty huge! The one thing common between Daredevil and Spidey is that they have a great comic history together as both are New York crimefighters that focus on street-level crimes more than universal threats.

So it makes sense that the heroes of Queens and Hell’s Kitchen make sense to work together on the big screen, and Spider-Man: Far From Home left Peter in a place where Daredevil could help him out.

Whether Marvel Studios uses Charlie Cox’s version or not, Matt Murdock is a successful lawyer who can use his skills in the courtroom to prove his case. And when combined with his ability of acrobatic fighting style that could mimic Spider-Man if need be, then we got this right! Even if Matt ultimately couldn’t win the case in court, it is possible he could suit up as Spidey and appear alongside Peter to at least add doubt to the idea Peter is Spider-Man.

However, there is a slightly technical and legal glitch in this. Daredevil alone had starred in his own Netflix series with three successful seasons. Still, the timing of its cancellation combined with the deal between Marvel Studios and Netflix may rain all over this theory.

According to the terms, it seems that after post cancellation of any Marvel character by Netflix, Marvel cannot use those characters for up to two years, which in this case lasts till November 2020. So if the production begins in summer 2020, goodbye to this theory fans.