The Boys Season 2 So Far! will it going to release or not? The show which portrays the dark side of superheroes will be making its return to Amazon !!

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The Boys were an instant hit worldwide, with the way they showed a concept that is fresh, yet familiar at the same time. It is about a world with superheroes, who are seen as celebrities, but with shades that they make sure, the public never knows about.

It hit the streaming world in summer 2019 and, in no time, became one of the most-watched shows in Amazon, and everyone loved the gritty world of superheroes it presented. It is, in fact, one of the best Amazon original series yet. If you had been a fan of the Watchmen movie and comics, you would surely love this as well as they seem to have certain similarities.

The TV adaptation came from Garth Ennis’ comic book series and had been given the thumbs up for a second season even before the first season’s release. Filming the second season took place between June and November 2019.

The fight between Billy Butcher, Hugh Campbell, and crew, nicknamed the Boys and Homelander and the not-so-super heroes are far from over, and we are eager to see how it will progress.

Season 2 news

Season 2 was expected to come in a year after season 1, but since the shoot is over, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it come out even before that. Check out the trailer below:

Season one had a really surprising ending, one we didn’t expect at all, and now we will know more about Homelander, Butcher’s wife, and the rest of the Seven.

As for the cast, the main characters will be back, along with some new heroes and other roles. One new cast member we know will be Patton Oswalt, whose role is still a mystery.

Let’s hope it comes soon enough so that we will have something entertaining to watch while being stuck in quarantine during this stressful month!