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Today marks the beginning of the 2020s four supermoons – february full ‘SNOW’ moon is first of four consecutive Super moons!!

The moon is, however, one day short of perigee, or, being at its closest to Earth.

A supermoon is a phenomenon that happens when a full moon is at its closest point to the Earth, which makes it appear bigger and brighter in the night sky.

The supermoon tonight is expected to appear larger than the typical full moon. The February’s moon is known as the full snow moon, named by Native Americans in honor of February’s oft-heavy snow.

The moon is also known as “Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon,” “No Snow in the Trails Moon,” and the “Bone Moon”  by many nations according to a trusted source.

Eleven more full moons are yet to happen this year. 2020 shall see a blue moon, which shall be a second blue moon in a given month.

The full in February which is referred to as the “Snow Moon,” “Storm Moon,” or “Hunger Moon” will be located around 225,000 miles from the Earth

The above conditions shall result in the moon being 7 percent larger and 10-15 percent brighter than an average full moon.

However, most people will not be able to recognize these subtle differences in the moon’s size nor brightness.

Neither common people nor experienced stargazers can differentiate between a supermoon and any other full moon. This is because full moons are seen only once every month. This cannot be directly compared side by side.

“The ‘moon illusion’ is a term used to describe the phenomenon of the moon looking bigger closer to the horizon than higher in the sky when it is actually a little bit closer to the observer and should, therefore, appear bigger might be a lot easier to notice.