What to do at home on these lockdown days? here are some Best Disney Plus to Watch While Staying Home and Low

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Due to the rapid spread of the disease COVID-19, the whole world has slowed down. While cases in China and Italy, are sky-high, it has now spread to almost every country, which has forced people to stay at their homes.

It is evident that when all we have to do is sit at home, one is bound to feel low and bored.

To remove your boredom, we provide you our collection of the best things you could watch on Disney Plus.

Disney+ is a subscription video-on-demand streaming service that is owned by The Walt Disney company. It is the home for your favorite movies and TV shows from 5 major heads, namely, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

The Mandalorian

If you want to see something fresh, The Mandalorian will be just right for you. It is Disney’s original project. It has its premises from STAR WARS.  Created by Jon Favreau and starring Pedro Pascal, it is the first live-action series in the Star Wars franchise.

The Simpsons

This show doesn’t need any description. Though the Simpsons may have been 30 seasons old, it still has its audience intact. The show is a satirical take on the American middle class.

So Weird

Travel back into the time with this classic. It is a Disney original that is centered on teenage girl Fiona Phillips as she witnesses paranormal activity in her home. The show has gained a cult audience.

Boy Meets World

Yes, this is the millennial’s favorite show. Watch this to relive your 90’s.followed the exploits of Cory Matthews played by Ben Savage as he navigates though various aspects of his life as yeas follow.

High School Musical

How can we forget this one? It is a musical that features Zack Efron as a basketball player along with Vanessa Hudgens and sets up a perfect teen drama.