Why was ‘Trolls World Tour’ a Very CONTROVERSIAL Release of 2020? Plot, Trailer, Release Date details!!!

By Sanika Totade

Trolls World Tour is a sequel to the ‘Trolls’ Trolls World Tour is an animated musical. Walt Dohrn is the director and David P. Smith is the Co-director of these films. DreamWorks Animations are the official producers of the film and Universal Pictures are the distributors.


This film has the voices of the following actors-

  • Anna Kendrick as Poppy
  • Justin Timberlake as Branch
  • Rachel Bloom
  • James Corden
  • Kunal Nayyar
  • George Clinton
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Jamie Dornan
  • Chance
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Sam Rockwell
  • Anthony Ramos
  • Anderson Paak

The film also casts many other popular celebrities.

The Plot-

The film is about the journey Poppy and Branch take to bring all the different tribes of trolls together. There are six lands each carrying a different troll tribe. The lands have a distinct kind of music they are devoted to. Pop, Rock, Classical, Funk, Country, and Techno.

Queen Barb and her father, King Thrash want to let only the Hard rock genre reign. They want to end all the other kinds of music. The aim of Poppy and Branch’s mission is to make all the trolls come together in order to save their distinct musical identities from going extinct.


The film begins with Cloud Guy’s narration of how Poppy and Branch saved the world. It further moves to the adventures poppy and Branch have in order to get all the trolls together. All this while, Branch struggles with his feelings for Poppy.

Towards the end, Barb imprisons Poppy and they both have a talk. Later Poppy is saved by her friends. Branch finally tells Poppy how he feels and Poppy tells him that she feels the same about him. The film ends with Poppy and Branch telling the kids to come together and embrace one another’s differences!

Release Date and Trailers-

The film was released in a few theaters of The United States on 10th April 2020. They also made a digital release on ‘Video On Demand’ on the same day.

Universal skipped the Big Screens and went ahead with the release on the Smaller Screens. This move turned out to be very controversial for the film as the principal people involved were unaware of this happening.

Sanika Totade