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Jason Whitlock’s Latest Column On Katie Nolan Sparks OUTRAGE!!! Read on to know WHY??

Jason Whitlock corrected Katie Nolan which made a controversy. Jason Whitlock has always been a controversial sports writer. He sparked an outrage after he wrote a column about Katie Nolan. Read out the blog post to know what happened!!!

Whitlock Responds to Katie Nolan Controversy, Gives Advice to Maria Taylor and Talks Cam Newton - YouTube

Jason Whitlock wrote about Katie Nolan and her supporters:

The American Sports Journalist, Jason Whitlock, on Monday wrote a column which sparked an outrage on Twitter. The column was entitled “KATIE NOLAN REPRESENTS THE ELIMINATION OF AMERICA’S MERITOCRACY AND EXPOSES THE FRAUDULENCE OF HER SUPPORTERS.”

This column that sparked outrage was just a response of Jason Whitlock to Katie Nolan. Katie Nolan has raised an issue with a recent article by Jason Whitlock that he wrote about the Maria Taylor Saga. Nolan’s radical of an issue with his article made Jason speak out the truth about Katie Nolan.

Know what did he write in his column about Katie Nolan:

In his article Jason Whitlock has clearly pointed out that the American Sports Television host, Katie Nolan, has become a prominent personality in the sports media world and has become extremely wealthy over the few years even after doing actually nothing which can be noted down.

Katie Nolan and Women in Sports -

Jason jotted down that Katie has participated in the failed show even after doing a failed one. Somehow, she was lucky enough to encounter a bidding war between ESPN and Fox Sports for her services. Eventually, she managed to be a part of ESPN for which the deal was made on a figure of seven digits. But there also she did nothing of interest.

Whitlock wrote that no one literally knows what Nolan is doing but somehow she has become a social media personality. She is beloved on twitter very much for no reason. He wrote that no one literally wonders why she takes such a high salary for a position that can be taken by any other woman who actually does something.  Jason addressed her as white privilege and called her an example of white lives matters.