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9 Best Apps To Transfer Data From Device To PC

By Kaustuv Chattopadhyay

The days of sharing documents and music using Bluetooth are gone. Today, if someone wants to transfer data from an android phone to their laptop, many apps are available.

Many apps provide a cost-free way of transferring data from android to PC. The nine best apps to complete these transfers are noted below.

  1. WiFi File Transfer

Transferring heavy files is no more a deadly affair filled with the uncertainty of connection breakage anymore. This is the fastest way to transfer heavy files.

2. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

This app helps to share heavy files, photos, videos, music, and more without an internet connection or mobile data.

3. Software Data Cable

This app also helps to transfer files in a very simple and easy way at a very fast pace in a cost-free manner.

4. Pushbullet – SMS on PC

This app is special because it can help to not only transfer your apps from your device to PC but also manage all files in your mobile via the PC.

5. Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

This app works even without an internet connection and can help transfer heavy files from mobile phones to PC. This app is extremely fast and reliable.

6.AirDroid: Remote access & File

AirDroid helps to transfer files from one device to another in a fast and efficient way without any hassle.

7. Scanopy-Share & Transfer Files Via Web Browser

This is for those people who don’t even want to download an app to transfer their files. Using this, one can share data just by sharing a code. However, this app does require an internet connection.

8.Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

Xender was one of the oldest reliable apps in the play store. It can help File transfer, sharing app, sharing heavy files, photos, videos, music, and more without an internet connection or mobile data.

9.SHAREit – Transfer & Share

This is by far the best of the best data sharing apps out there. It needs neither wifi nor mobile data and happens to be the fastest app in the play store. It is compatible with iOS as well.

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