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A Galaxy Suspiciously Similar to Milky Way Has Been Spotted in The Early Universe

Galaxies are some of the biggest singular structures in our entire Universe. Stars, planets, asteroids, and black holes all exist inside a single galaxy. However, in 2020, astronomers have discovered, which has shocked our fundamental understanding of space. Just like every other celestial object, galaxies too can vary in size. The lowest sized galaxy is the Segue 2, which only holds 1,000 stars. Meanwhile, the ESO 146-IG 005 galaxy has ten times the mass than our galaxy.

The Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Galaxies like the milky way are massive and majestic systems with gas and stars arranged in beautiful spiral arms. And a galaxy suspiciously similar to the milky way has been spotted in the early Universe. This new galaxy, named XMM-2599, was discovered by a team of astronomers at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Though this galaxy is five times more massive than the Milky Way, it is 12 times smaller in size.

A Galaxy Suspiciously Similar to Milky Way Has Been Spotted in The Early Universe

The newly discovered galaxy is the situation 12 billion light-years away from the Milky Way and is being labeled as the ‘Monster Galaxy.’ However, the galaxy is suspiciously similar to the milky way. Although, what separates it from the Milky Way is how quickly it made its stars and how quickly it stopped making them.

In the first 800 million years of its lifetime, the XMM-2599 has produced around 300 billion stars. For some contrast, some put that the Milky Way has created having a higher number when it comes to creating stars. The Milky Way is one of the Universe’s oldest galaxy and is almost 13.7 billion years old. Therefore, in just a fraction of time, this ancient galaxy has managed to create as many stars as the milky way.