Antivirus makers will be supporting Windows 7 users through 2022 !!

Microsoft is almost done with Windows 7, but the world is not. Windows 7 completed it was ten year anniversary last fall. The operating system is now full of viruses and malware.

If you have not upgraded to Windows for some reason like if you don’t want or can’t upgrade, then, you don’t need to worry as main Antivirus companies have said to extend their support for Windows 7 till at least 2021 and some till 2022. This was reported by Third-party anti-virus firm AV-Test reports.

The companies like Bitdefender, Kaspersky,┬áSymantec, AVG, and Trend Micro are among companies that have promised to extend support to Windows 7 till at least 2022. There is yet no official date of ending of support for Windows 7, but it’s going to be at least in 2022.

Some Anti-virus provider has announced the end date of supporting Window 7. McAfee has announced a date to be December 2021, Avira is ending giving its support till November 2022.

Webroot has yet said nothing about the ending of their services, but their representative has said that there is no plan of ending their services for Windows 7. There is just not an official statement for the company itself. Microsoft will also continue to give updates just for its Security Essentials software, and they yet have not announced of ending this service.

There are many reasons why one can’t upgrade to Windows 10. There can ve hardware problems or just a lack of time or money. Those who have the legit Windows 7 key can upgrade to Windows 10 without any cost of money. The firm AV-Test urges users to upgrade if they can because it’s now getting malware and viruses.

Microsoft has now ended the windows seven support on 14th January this year, and now only windows ten updates are going out from them.

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