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Appdome announces new service SecurePWA.

Appdome, a no-code security provider for mobile integration, has announced a new service called SecurePWA. SecurePWA is no code mobile development service that generates progressive web apps( PWAs) from any cloud or web app in minutes.

Appdome now offering service allows organizations that have already invested in web and cloud to convert the assets into PWAs within a short span of time.

CEO and Co-Creator of Appdome, Tom Tovar, have confidence in the claimed new zero coding service SecurePWA to have the potential to speed up the mobile enterprise strategies dramatically. Tom, during the announcement, highlighted the several benefits provided by progressive web apps(PWAs) that includes continuous access of mobile applications to digital resources and offline use.

Tom also talked about the optimization of data by Appdome to generate applications. He said to ProgrammableWeb that Appdome uses artificial intelligence (AI) that automatically creates hybrid Android and iOS applications from any web or cloud app.

Zero codings SecurePWA comes with interesting advanced security features. Some of its key critical security features are:

  • App hardening Appdome ONEShield™

  • local authentication with FaceID or TouchID

  • SiteTRUST™

  • ATS- Anti-Phishing with App Transport Security (ATS)

  • NCS- Network Security Configuration

  • Appdome EnterpriseID™ with secured Credentials and Cross-App ID

In addition to this, SecurePWA also allows customers to add Appdome Mobile Security Suite, which is believed to be the world’s most comprehensive mobile app security solution. Also, IT organizations in enterprise environments can also use enterprise mobility management (EMM/MAM) and VPN connections.

Gartner believes that considering PWA will be helpful for organizations with limited time and development budget as they reuse existing web assets and can develop once and move across platforms. PWAs are very helpful when there are limited resources for native application development.

SecurePWA is expected to release on 31 January 2020.

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