Apples equip its devices with the new Wi-Fi 6. This is the reason why it’s so much in demand.

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Apple launches another product. It’s the new iPad Pro. The device is equipped with all the much-needed functions of a tablet computer.

The future generation of wi-fi gets perfect assistance through this device. This function is neither available in the Ipads nor in the MacBooks.This feature is coming to track early in the year. Routers supporting the extra generation of wi-fi are more than common.

The chips of this new connection are being embedded in the new laptop computers and other small devices.
The list of smart devices which will be using the wi-fi 6 are
Apple iphone11
Apple iPhone 11 pro
2015 16 inches MacBook Pro
New MacBook Air

Why do people want wi-fi 6? Here we have the answer.

• It provides cordless networks.
• Several gadgets get linked.
• Up to 9 gadgets can depend on a single router.
• Routers enable multitasking.
• Preserving continually reputable links.

Talking about the launch date of these smart devices, we have the new iPad on March 25. The price begins at $799.
The features by which the new laptops are going to be benefited if embedded with this device are
• Faster CPU
• LIDAR video camera
• Keyboard gets integrated trackpad

The Apple Ipad PRO will be available in silver and space gray versions. The screen has two options, available-11inch and 12.9 inches. It starts with a configuration of 128GB. Then it gets followed by 256 GB,512 GB, and 1 TB configurations. The 11-inch model comes at rupees 71,900. That’s for the wi-fi base model. If you want to go for a cellular wi-fi model, you pay rupees 85,900.

The 12.9-inch Ipad pro is priced at rupees 89,900 when taken with the Wi-Base model. When taken with the cellular version, it amounts to rupees 1,03,900. However, when will it be sold in India is yet to be announced.