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Apple’s iPhone 9 release date, production and price: Everything you should know about this wallet-friendly handset!

By Aditi K

Apple is set to launch the new iPhone 9 soon, bringing a new affordable iPhone to the market after the iPhone SE in 2016.

However, iPhone SE was for those who liked a smaller phone. This new iPhone 9 is much larger and looks a lot like the first design of the iPhone 6.

While the iPhone 9 may become popular in many countries, Apple will also release it in emerging markets where cheap phones sell well. These markets may have been able to buy iPhone 8, but offering a ‘new’ model is a powerful marketing strategy.

Originally this lower-cost phone was set to release in March. However, Apple did not reveal it when it unveiled iPad Pro 2020 or Macbook Air.

Rumors have begun to roam around so we don’t think it’s too long till the new iPhone hits the markets, perhaps in the next month or two.

These rumors say that the iPhone 9 has entered mass production. Another news is that someone spotted an iPhone 9 Plus within iOS 14’s code. So it is possible we will see two new cheaper iPhones soon.

The estimation for the cost of the iPhone 9 is around $399 or £379 or AU$679.

When is the release date?

The original plan was for a March release, perhaps March 31. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, smartphone production across the world has come to a halt as Chinese factories have shut down currently.

Tim Cook said recently that the production has resumed full-time in these factories so it should not be a worry for those waiting for the launch. Reports also say that the iPhone 9 has entered the “final stage of engineering validation”. This also suggests that it will be here soon.

So, fans can now wait eagerly but patiently for the iPhone 9 as it hits the markets soon.

Aditi K