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Are you excited about the attack on Titans? Here we have some good news for you!

By Tania Ghosh

The attack on Titans is a Japanese web series based on human lives. Their lives are completely constricted in a city where there are enormous walls surrounding Titans. There are gigantic humanoid beings that devour normal beings without any reason. Well, the anime association is now attacking the Titans with its fourth season too.


The Attack on Titan is a popular anime and fans love to anticipate on it quite frequently. According to Manga by Hajime Isayama, the common anime scene started in 2013.Its a kind of very captivating motive.

All of its seasons

The anime’s season 2 had been quite lengthy. So the vital parts of the attack were missed and thus the show did not attain overall success. Considering this, season 3 went for a speedier turnaround. Thus it was successful in hitting the association’s well-known expectations.

The launch date of Season 4

Season 4 has been affirmed for a 2020 debut. That’s in accordance with the gap between the second and third seasons. The attack on Titan season 4 will be contained in 10, and 12 scenes obstruct. That’s because a full season in time will be vividly tough as of 2020.

Talking about the Launch date, the thriller of the series was dropped immediately after the airing of the season 3. The discharge date of the final season is expected between September and December.

Last but not the least comes the cast of the season, a teenage girl is exhibited in the season who by way of the bars confine into a trademark. Its a reflection of the not too long ago of the waking up of a human into a titan.

New characters are added, or not-that’s not yet confirmed. The current characters include Levi, Connie, and Mikasa.

Tania Ghosh