Are you facing issues with Microsoft Teams ?? Here are the things you need to know to resolve it???

Issues throughout Europe are being reported again

Outages in Microsoft Teams are being reported by remote workers once again as work from home continues.

Due to a large number of users using the online collaboration tool, it is continuously experiencing interruptions in its flow. As the outbreak continues, people have no choice but to do all their work from home.

Following some big outages which occurred last Monday, many of the users are facing the same issue this week as well.

A huge spike in complaints against Microsoft Teams have been detected by Downdetector, an online outage watchdog whose research showed that the outage happened at 9 am BST when a majority of the UK and Western European workforces came online.

Microsoft has been enjoying the big success of Teams as vast amounts of workers had to do their work from home.

They hit 20 million daily active users in November 2019, and due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s as many as 44 million active users in a single day. Several weeks ago, Microsoft announced that they would be offering free access to their teleconferencing suite so that businesses and schools can seek their help despite the global pandemic.

Currently, the company is offering a six-month free trial of Microsoft Teams, and their premium level of service, which they had made available only in China, and that too with limitations, is now available to users worldwide. Also, since March 10, they made sure to remove the member restrictions in Teams and is allowing users to schedule video calls and conferences.

Their rival, Google, is also making sure to provide free access to their advanced Hangouts meeting service to all the businesses and educational facilities across the globe.