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Arrow verse Stars Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin Praise Stephen Amell for Helping Create a Legacy !!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

What is THE ARROW –

So basically, the arrow is an American series that is created by Greg Berlanti, Marc  Guggenheim, and also Andre Kreisberg. This series is based on the DC Comic character, which is named as the green arrow. According to the prior news, this series comes to an end. As this series is so popular and with this, it is even loved by many, and after so many seasons with this arrow team, the members said that it is very difficult to say goodbye to this series.

Well, for those who are a big fan of this series, they must be sad because this series is about to end soon. Most importantly, the final season of the series, the arrow is proposing some of the very entertaining reflections which of the best time with the main character named Oliver queen.

What superheroes say in this regard?

Melissa Benoist has commented on this and says that Stephen started all of this. And the legacy he’s leaving is pretty incredible. She continued and said that they almost have their own Justice League on television, and the universe is massive, and he was always at the helm”. She further continued and said it’ll be different without him and an adjustment without him there and without all the Arrow people there. Stephen’s always been so great to her.

Grant Gustin also presented and said that he is definitely the leader of the Arrow-verse, and he doesn’t want to have to take up that place. They’ll be missed. Also, he added to his statement that It is really weird that he didn’t notice that until someone said it earlier. “We’re the senior class now; it’s crazy, you have to give credit to the arrow because they are the who started this show, this cast, these producers.” He further said that they laid the groundwork for what makes these shows successful, and they followed these templates. With the help of the whole team, they succeed as a great television series.

Reetika Kachchhwa