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As per the latest updates by Netflix they are ready to launch “The Seven Deadly Sins’ Season 4 – Check out the more updates below !

By Reetika Kachchhwa

The seven deadly sins season 4 –

So basically, this is an anime series, and the series is basically set in a different version of the British isles, which is known as Britannia. So what are the seven deadly sins? So they are basically a group of knights who had given the task to serve the kingdom of the lioness and also to defeat the demons clan.

But soon, they were considered as traitors for assassinating the great holy knight named Zaratras. Then the story again continued after ten years, just after a group of holy knights staged a coup against the king of a lioness. This led to the princess Elizabeth embarking on a mission, which is to seek out the knights.

End story and also spoilers –

These seven deadly sins had been on the run for almost more than 100 years. With the help of these, princess Elizabeth actually believes that she can restore peace and prosperity in her kingdom. The Hendrickson got their defeat, but seven deadly sins were failed to eliminate him.

When is this going to release –

Those who are the fan of this series, they are very happy to know that The Seven Deadly Sins will go to be released for the third season, which is actually fourth according to the Netflix. This season will launch in October, most probably for the Japanese fans, but those who are from the US have to wait a little longer to watch this on Netflix.

This new season contains around 24 episodes, and according to the rumors, this will be available this year on Netflix. So this series will go to be a great success as previous episodes were mind-blowing. If you are from the US, then you have to wait a little more, but it’s going to be worth a wait.

Reetika Kachchhwa