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Assassin’s Creed 2020’ Leaked By Gamestop And Amazon

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Assassin creed Ragnarok –

This game, according to the rumors, is officially known as “assassin’s creed: Ragnarok.” The recent product is listing by GameStop, which is Italy, and the other one is Amazon Germany. This assassin’s creed 2020 is actually leaked on the Amazon Germany site, and on the official website, they told public That this is the new upcoming game that is going to release on the PlayStation 4 with gold, Valhalla edition and as well as standard. This also includes the Mjolnir edition of this game. This leaked news of listing is now taken down, but the metro was actually able to take a screenshot of this new assassin’s creed: Ragnarok. The speculation about this game was actually started last year, but Ubisoft did not say anything about it. In short and simple words, nothing is official about this assassin’s creed 2020.

Another listing that is in GameStop –

Another listing of this game was spotted in GameStop Italy, but according to the eagle-eyed fans on Reddit said that the photo was actually photoshopped. There is no official news regarding this, but according to the rumors, they say that the window of assassin’s creed 2020 is likely to be released this year itself. According to speculation assassin’s creed, 2020 will be a release on a next-generation gaming console as well as Xbox series X and PlayStation 5. Also, according to some sources, these listings are proven wrong and fake. The settings of this assassin’s creed 2020 seem appealing with few leaks.

When fans got to know about this game and saw the leaks, they were pretty excited, but also, some of the leaked photos were either fake or Photoshopped. But some were right, and the viewer got the idea of the game, and what it’s it’s going to be like.  This game is expected to be released this year. Stay tuned.

Reetika Kachchhwa