BetConstruct to live stream games to support land-based casinos:Digitization is the new solution!

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been massive shutdowns in various industries, one of which is the gambling industries and hotspots keeping in mind the safety and security of the customers and the employees working the casino. While the importance of the above cannot be more than obvious, it has led to a significant drop in revenue.

Technology is a boon as always, BetConstruct has offered to live stream the casino games played in-venue on an online platform. Bringing the games online to the players, the casinos continue to earn their share of revenue to survive through such an epidemic.

BetConstruct is a gaming software provider that provides a digital solution for the land-based gaming industry. Its innovative and proven AI-tech and robust back-office tools have benefitted its partners through various inclusive services. BetConstruct pushes through the physical possibilities and limitations and transcends to the virtual gaming world.

BetConstruct officially said, “With no need for physical expansion, online setup brings an unlimited number of players to an online casino.”

Players can happily feel the flares of Macau and Vegas by merely logging in to a gaming account of Live Casino, which is elevated by the live communication with the dealer.

By utilizing the existing physical resources, the company urges the land-based casino brands to unearth the potential of online operations and extending it to the digital platform. The gaming giant provides solutions to multiple problems faced by the casino venue.

It opens up numerous opportunities for both the dealer and the player by live-streaming the casino game from the place. The digitized platform reaches new masses, especially amidst the crisis of the present, which couldn’t be possible at a physical venue.

Apart from on-site assistance, BetConstruct also provides all software and hardware services to bring the online casino to life. It covers three main aspects of the setup: technical support, programming, and training of dealers. It can be safely concluded that innovation rises in crisis, and this is one such example of the statement.