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Big news, according to the reports, the Dreams PS4 trophy list has been confirmed now.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Dreams trophy list –

So basically, this was got published way back in 2013. And also, you are about to see the huge release sony teased when it was first revealed with the PlayStation 4. Now, there is good news for those who are a big fan of this.

The news is that the full trophy list is about to get released. The dreams have been actually in access for this for like a year and have the great potential for the majority to change how the games are created and innovation made.

You can simply update your dreams to get all the new updates, and now let’s have a look at the list of trophies. Also, you can check on the official site to check all the lists.

The list of added trophies –

  1. Trophy Hunter (Platinum) – Collect all bronze, silver, and gold trophies.
  2. Set the Scene & Brave the Elements (Bronze) – Complete the imp quest for your first time creating.
  3. Come Aboard! (Bronze) – Complete all of the introductory imp quests.
  4. Creative Thinker – Ancient Temple Theme (Bronze) – Complete the Ancient Temple’s creative imp quest.
  5. Creative Thinker – Welcome Home Theme (Bronze) – Complete the Welcome Home creative imp quest.
  6. Mastering the Classes (Bronze) – Complete 3 masterclasses.
  7. Return to Sender (Bronze) – Remix another dreamers’ creation and send them the result.
  8. Nice to Meet You (Bronze) – Follow a creator you admire.
  9. Apprentice! (Bronze) – Complete 5 tutorials.
  10. Home Sweet Home (Silver) – Spend 30 minutes decorating your home space.
  11. Hi, Five! (Bronze) – Reach dreamer level 5.
  12. Accessorize (Silver) – Reach dreamer level 20.
  13. Blowin’ Up! (Gold) – Reach dreamer level 30.
  14. My First Creation! (Silver) – Release your first-ever creation to the Dreamers.
  15. The Thornbeak! (Bronze) – Meet your enemy
  16. Get out of My Dream! (Bronze) – Why are you here, Thornbeak?!
  17. Take Back Control (Bronze) – Stop the train!
  18. Find a Friend (Bronze) – Find ELE-D.
  19. Level Up (Silver) – Level up Francis and Foxy.
  20. Connecting with Old Friends (Silver) – Meet Laila at the cabin.
  21. The Hardest Parts (Silver) – Complete The Convergence.
Reetika Kachchhwa